Crown & Bridge Treatment Can Improve Your Smile’s Aesthetic & Function

At Dentistry at Bridlewood, we’re proud to offer dental crowns and bridges in Ocala to help our patients rejuvenate and strengthen their smiles.

What are dental crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns are prosthetic “caps” that cover a significantly damaged or weakened tooth, protecting it from further damage or decay, while dental bridges replace missing teeth with artificial versions. Both restorations serve cosmetic and functional purposes.

What benefits do these restorations provide?

Crowns and bridges can help restore full bite and speech function, help protect existing teeth from further damage, and reduce a patient’s risk for decay and gum disease. Additionally, bridges can help restore facial volume that’s lost following tooth extraction and prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

Who is a good candidate for dental crowns and bridges?

While these restorations can be suitable for a variety of individuals who have broken, cracked, or missing teeth due to injury, decay, or age, they aren’t ideal for everyone. If you’re missing one or more teeth, have a tooth that’s significantly damaged or weakened, or you’re interested in learning more about how these restorations may benefit your smile, call us today!

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team to determine if crowns and bridges in Ocala are a good restorative for you. Call us today! Our friendly team is here to help you optimize your smile and boost your confidence!

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