Detect & Treat Oral Issues Early With Panoramic X-Rays

At Dentistry at Bridlewood in Ocala, we’re proud to feature panoramic X-ray technology, which enables our team to gain an accurate look at the condition of a patient’s teeth, jawbone, soft tissues, nerves, and more.

What benefits do these X-rays provide?

Panoramic X-rays provide a comprehensive look at your mouth, enabling us to assess your overall oral health condition. It also allows us to detect abnormalities like cavities, cysts, infections, tumors, and bone loss and helps us plan for treatments like braces and dental implants. They also reduce radiation doses by up to 40% when compared to traditional bitewing X-rays.

How are these X-rays taken?

Though the experience is similar to having bitewing digital X-rays taken, panoramic X-rays require fewer steps and are often quicker. Patients need to bite onto a grooved bite block, and images are available on-screen within seconds.

Are these X-rays safe?

Yes! However, women who are or may be pregnant should inform us of their condition as these types of imaging tests are avoided to avoid exposing the fetus to radiation.

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